Brand Managers to the Rescue!

What exactly is a Brand Manager & what do they do?

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If you own a brand, developing a brand, or have a personal brand....working with brand manager will certainly help you dive in to the psychology + strategy plus create even more awesome content & products. A Brand Manager's role varies slightly across different industries, but for the most part they are responsible for the overall image & messaging of a product or person. 

Brand Managers like MYSELF....incorporate quite a bit of strategy in the mix. I have an extensive  background in Public Relations with the Arts & Entertainment industries, so when a client asks me to help them with gaining exposure..the first thing I do is look at their brand. For me, this encompasses the whole nine yards from their website, social media, marketing material, products, work space, clientele, merchandise, target audience, and previous projects & their success rate. I never dish out a press release without asking 321 questions (not exactly that many) to fully understand the brand's key attributes & goals.

Much of the work I do as a Brand Manager is the non-sexy work that's handled behind the scenes for months and months prior to reaching out to TV & Press outlets or posting on social media. There is a lot of research to understand the industry & marketplace to determine where the product or client fits in (i.e., analyzing positioning, products, brands and spending); dissecting the brand's identity, attribute and characteristics- this is to really dive into the WHO & WHAT of the brand and fully understand how their niche audience thinks, feels, reacts to the Brand's messages & products.

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THEN...once the attributes and positioning are locked & loaded, the strategies translate into the content creation piece, which is where the color pallette, shapes, mood board, feelings, designs and layouts are crafted. #TheFunPart

THE MOST COMMON MISTAKE I see brands make is slapping a cool color combination and a logo together because "they like how it looks" and hope it's appealing.... but very rarely do they spend the time and resources on the imperative initial steps to create a solid foundation with intentional strategies for growing.   Note: Don’t just pick a color combination because you think “it looks nice.” Color palettes need to be intentionally selected based upon the feelings/emotions/vibes that were dissected during the strategy session.

HOW ELSE DOES THIS WORK? If you've ever had to create a website, logo, marketing material, create wardrobe or mood boards for a photoshoot or video, style your event space, reach out to sponsors, post on social media, sell tickets or merchandise, create a bio, etc...then working with a Brand Manager will really help simplify the entire process by helping you map out your Brand Guide that basically lists out the type of language to use, fonts, colors, filters, templates, etc - it makes your job super EASY down the road! 



THEN...when you're ready to share your awesome brand with the world and start generating can confidently go LIVE with your marketing game plan (also strategically mapped out by your Brand Manager - aka ME), send out the Press Release, post on social media and advertise your work.

Don't get overwhelmed by all that goes into proper branding...that's what I'm here for! There are plenty of DIY tools, resources and guides...but sometimes the real face-to-face interaction and conversation will not only help you make sense of all this, but also execute it for you if your time is limited.

Curious on next steps? Send me a message, and let’s chat on a consultation call.

Anahita Champion