Young, Bold & Chic feat: Sofia of Stud Ties!

Have you ever thought to yourself, "when I grow up I want to be a".....and then fill in the blank?

WELL, one super phenomenal Twin Cities Youthpreneur (I just made that up, cool term, huh?) doesn't have to wait until she grows up to do/be what she wants because at the inspiring age of 11....she's already DOING IT! 

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Meet Sofia!

Yes, Look at her! This young lady is Sofia, and she is just 11 years old. Sofia is a Minneapolis native who aspires to be a Fashion Designer and go to Fashion College when she grows up, and is the creator of Stud Ties. 

"Stud Ties are fashion-forward studded neck ties that I make from scratch."

Sofia comes from a very kind hearted, hard working and SUPER creative household. From Fashion to Art to Music and much more, her entire family is equally talented and ALL hands on deck to help her succeed.

I see a bright future in store for Sofia! (That's a tad "punny"...get it? She's wearing sunglasses :) )

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Where did this idea start?

The idea of Stud Ties was inspired by a school project that Sofia had in fifth grade on inventions and innovations.       "I wanted to invent something fashion-related. Ties are usually business-ey and conservative. I wanted to create a tie that was bold and fun." 

Sofia made a number of ties using different decorative materials such as staples, beads and sequins. She also created a tie with studs, and that was the one that ended up being a hit.  "A bunch of people asked me to make them one too, and soon I had a business."

Starting a business can be a lot to take on at any age, and a Young entrepreneur like Sofia is no exception. SO ... I wanted to hear more about her business & how she juggles her priorities. Keep on reading!

What is a challenge you've experienced with your business so far? 

"There are a lot of challenges throughout the process.  The first challenge is to figure out what fabrics will support the weight of studs, but still drape nicely as a tie.  It took a lot of experimentation to find the right studs and the right fabrics to end up with a quality product.

The next challenge is marketing.  I try to go to as many fashion events as possible to promote the ties.  I also try to place my ties with influencers who will hopefully help me promote them.

Another challenge is the production process.  I make all of the ties by myself from scratch. When I have a large order, I have to work around the clock to get it done.  Often times it is challenging to find time between school and after-school activities to get everything done."

What is one of the most rewarding parts of your work?

"One of the most rewarding parts of my work is when I finish a tie for a client and they love it.  I also get to meet a lot of cool people!"

What’s one of your most proud moments/accomplishments?

"My most proud moment/accomplishment was when  Martin Patrick 3 offered to carry my ties!  I am also really proud any time I see someone wearing one of my ties."

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Be bold. Have fun.
Make your own rules.
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on the horizon?

"Although my ties are worn by both men & women, my next plan is to focus on clothes + accessories for women. I have started designing sequined     t-shirts and skirts. 

We LOVE what you're doing....How can we as a community support YOU?

"The community can support me by purchasing or promoting my ties, or by including me in events or fashion shows or just spreading the word. " 


Like what you read? Check out more of Sofia's work by visiting her website AND Follow her on Instagram: @sofiazaichik

A More Sofia Fun Facts:


  • Fav Snack: The one food I never get sick of is Cheerios.  

  • Fav Show: Emerald City, but they discontinued it!!!  

  • Fav Dessert? Banana split flavored Itty Bits Ice-cream

  • Where would you like to travel to? The Maldives- I have seen a lot of nice pictures from there on Instagram.  

  • If you had any super power, what would it be? I would love to be able to fly.  

  • What is your favorite Girl Band/Artist? The singer, Due Lipa.  I love her lyrics, voice and beats.  She is the best… in my mind at least.