SHE is a Wife & Momma of two gorgeous girls. SHE is a hard-working woman. SHE is a creative. SHE is an "army brat" (in her own words). SHE is a cheerleader of Women and Moms (literally...we used to be on the same cheerleading team in high school)!  SHE is the founder of UsLoveWe and the She is You podcast.

SHE is Monica Jones!! (Pronounced MO-Neeka)


Get to Know Monica!

Monica is the creator behind her multifaceted Mom platform. She got her start through her photography business in 2014 called UsLoveWe capturing priceless moments of families, babies, & newborns. In 2017, she added another layer to the business - a blog! 

"I wanted my clients to see that I understood what it means to be a mother, the good, the bad and the ugly of it."

UsLoveWe quickly turned into an all-encompassing motherhood lifestyle brand, which is where the blog took off as the main focus.


"UsLoveWe creates a safe space for mothers to not feel alone in their motherhood journey by championing mothers through their purpose in motherhood, capturing the moments that matter, and sharing the journey with you." 

What is one of the most rewarding parts of your work? The Connections I have made with other moms and the friendship. There is nothing better than knowing because you decided to share your story, someone else in the world doesn't have to feel alone.

What’s a challenge you’ve faced/currently face that has made you think/feel “why am i doing this?  I think the biggest challenge is the amount of time, effort and patience it takes to grow a community and platform. It's not something that happens overnight and I think a lot of times we see people that are doing the same thing and we wonder how they are doing it and how come its not happening for you. One thing that has helped me is always remembering that I can't compare someones year 8 to my year 1. Its impossible! Another challenge I face that I'm slowly started to fix is, it's lonely! I don't have a huge community of woman that I'm surrounded by that is trying to grow an online business/platform. So a lot of my friends and family have no idea what I'm doing and that can be a little lonely and make you question... "why am I doing this?"

What’s one of your most proud moments/accomplishments? My proudest moment was launching my new podcast called "She is You." I have been thinking about starting a podcast for over a year now and I finally put my head down and launched it. I was very nervous because I didn't know how it was going to be received, but I've gotten so many amazing compliments from it. It literally just warms my heart!!

What’s on the horizon? So many things -I'm basically focused on growing my social networks, growing the podcast and start the process of much as I love this work... I know that I deserve to get paid to do what I do!

What advice can you give other women who want to make a difference or pursue their passion but dont how or are afraid to make that move? The biggest piece advice I can give is to just start! I know that is so simple, but if you don't start that dream it will forever be just a dream! I also recommend getting a support system in place. You are going to need them more than ever during this process.

How can we as a community support YOU? Checking out my podcast on iTunes: She Is You - subscribe and leave a review. And visit my website/blog + Follow on Instagram @uslovewe

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More Fun Facts About MONICA:

  • Favorite Food:   Fries....I literally can eat them every single day!!

  • Favorite childhood show:  "All Legends of the Hidden Temple" on Nickeloden.

  • Favorite Dessert:  Strawberry shortcake

  • Favorite Trip: Going to New York City with my best friend to go see Sex and the City the movie.

  • Your Super Hero Power would be: To eat whatever I want and still be healthy and fit....LOL!

  • Your Favorite Female Singer/Performer:  BEYONCE!! BEYONCE!!! BEYONCE!! Enough said.

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