The Lady with an Abundance of Talent: Lula Saleh


SHE is an Eritrean Ethiopian-American, Saudi-born poet, singer-songwriter, healer, event emcee and facilitator, entrepreneur, published writer and journalist, and community organizer. HER name is Lula Saleh.

She is an Intercultural Leadership Institute Fellow, a Creative Community Fellow with National Arts Strategies, and an Inner-City Muslim Action Network (IMAN) affiliated artist. 

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Lula is passionate about the intersections of healing from trauma, music, womanhood, feminism, and African diaspora identities. She uses her music, poetry, voice, story, and spiritual gifts through her healing arts business (Lula Saleh LLC) to facilitate and cultivate authentic spaces for heart+soul connection toward collective healing, empathy and compassionate expression.

Many of her poems, music and art projects have gone viral, featured in Button Poetry, Okay Africa, Yale University, Upworthy, Al Jazeera English, City Pages, and more.

Prior to arts-entrepreneurship, Lula was working in the Snelling-Midway area organizing African immigrant communities in Little Africa, St. Paul.

I originally met Lula through the power of social media and mutual friends. My first “real life” conversation with her was several years ago when she showed interest in collaborating on my team project (my former PR agency), and I had thought “wow! She’s already doing great things, this would be incredible to have her on the team!” Turns out I was right….but there were other plans in the books. I was thrilled to see what was in store for her, but selfishly I was bummed we couldn’t work together (at that moment anyways). BUT shortly after that time-frame, I witnessed Lula’s personal brand and platform transform & evolve like a Fortress & QUEEN!

Her spirit is so calming, her work is so empowering, and her dedication & drive to educate, entertain and inspire is SO incredibly powerful. Lula is the type of woman who has a mission and vision to share with the world around her, but something that I can relate to which she has been very candid about is the cultural & racial complexities of our society and all the challenges women of color face on a daily basis.

Her NEW project now on video, DON’T LAUGH AT MY HAIR, has reached a vast audience and gained the attention by so many……because of the realness in the narrative and the outstanding production of the project. Take a listen/watch….you’ll be in AWE!

A few incredible projects of Lula’s that can’t go unnoticed:

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