Casting the SPOTLIGHT

HitaTalk Presents....The SPOTLIGHT SERIES!

Hi friends! 

THANK YOU for joining me here as I cast the Spotlight on so many amazing movers & shakers,  influencers & creatives, entrepreneurs & philanthropists, women in media, women of color, musicians, fashion experts, filmmakers, performers and so much more! Our backyard has some of the most WONDERful Female community in the nation, and we're so thrilled to share their work with you.  

ALSO - we are super duper fans girls of the little wonders in our world, advocates and supporters of the Female Youth of Today because THEY will be Queens and Visionaries of the Future. You'll be seeing several posts on Young Go-Getter Girls doing super cool & meaningful things around town. 

SO I invite you to share this page with your fellow ladies as my hope it to spread the great work of my featured guests with you. If you have any recommendations of Rock Star Ladies in the Twin Cities that I should know about, please email me details with subject line "Spotlight - (their name)" to  hitatalk at gmail (dot) com

Lights - Camera - Action!


~ Hita

Spotlights on stage with smoke light.
Anahita Champion