Swimwear that ISN't a Nightmare!

LADIES! Life is a beach, right?! It definitely has it's moments...so today I wanted to share an incredible experience I had with Beach swimwear. Wait - don't leave yet! I promise you'll enjoy this one.

Normally this is one of those topics that many women dread talking about and experiencing .....swimwear shopping! Finding the right swimsuit for your body type is somehow just as tricky, if not worse, than finding the right pair of jeans. Until NOW!

The experience I had with the Nani Nalu Team, the impressive selection of swimwear & accessories, and how I felt in my suit was ALL just so incredible!

Let me tell you more about Nani Nalu, why I LOVE them so much, and the unique guest experience they work hard to provide!

About Nani Nalu

Nani Nalu is a woman owned beachwear boutique that fully embraces the "show off your curves" mentality while allowing you to feel confident and comfortable.

Nani Nalu means "BeautifulWave", and their team wants to see the World full of beautiful curves. They are dedicated to bringing their shoppers a curated collection of the best fitting and most flattering swim and resort wear to help you find the perfect style for your beautiful body.

I had first heard about Nani Nalu from several "Mom-Friends," which was enough validation considering Mamas know how much our bodies change from pregnancy to years after baby. 

One thing to note right off the bat is how incredible the selection of swimwear is at Nani Nalu. They strive to help ALL women, of all shapes, all sizes, and ALL curves to feel their most confident. From bikinis, one-pieces, tankinis, coverups, dresses and accessories...they have it all!

I recently partnered up with Nani Nalu Beachwear to help me look &feel my most confident on stage at the Mrs. Minnesota-America pageant this past June. Sidebar- the pageant prep journey is no joke. It takes a lot to mentally and physically prep for a pageant, and an important part of the scoring is the overall confidence, personality and fitness. I actually ended up in tears after the swimsuit competition part...but not because I was down about it, rather I felt PURE JOY & PRIDE that I rocked it out the best I could and I felt SO great in my tastefully sexy one-piece swimsuit! I mean that says a lot, considering I PAID to be judged on stage in front of 6 judges, hundreds of audience members and then having the pageant be telecasted nationally to thousands and thousands of viewers. 


My Experience:

From the moment I had reached out on Instagram to learn more, the response time was prompt which was followed up by an email, then a phone call, and extreme willingness to help, and of course quickly inviting me to visit their Edina location with a personal appointment.


Upon arrival to their ADORABLE shop, their kind and welcoming staff greet you with a warm introduction. It's like we were long time friends, and were being reunited- not meeting for the first time. Manager Tanya had been expecting me, and was SO sweet to introduce me to the team members.

She spent a little time showing be around the store...which the store's space itself is one you just have to see for yourself -- it wasn't big & intimidating, and not crammed & overwhelming...as Goldie Locks said "its just right." Anyone that appreciates organization would love this store- the apparel and suits were all arranged in color blocked sections, with numerous lines & collections to choose from- this made it easy on the eyes and super fun to see what options were available in my favorite colors. Tanya shared a bit more info about the collections & designers so that I had the info...so we browsed a bit...but then she took the lead.

Tanya had set aside a few swimwear selections for me before I had even arrived simply based off of our phone call and what I shared with her about my likes and dislikes, body type, size, features, etc. WOW! And THAT's What Nani Nalu does! As you browse, a team member is offers support and guidance to help find what you're looking for. 

During their "fit & flatter" service a swim fit expert will be searching throughout the store selecting options from their curated collection for you to try. They'll know which bathing suits lift, support, hide, cover, and flatter - and  which styles to completely skip. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: their team members are not paid on any type of commission, purposefully to avoid giving off that "salesy" vibe to customers. Instead, they are generously paid an hourly rate to ensure no one feels pressured, rushed or uncomfortable. WHEW! This was super cool to hear and witness.

THEN, when you're ready to try on your selections, their generosity continues with a complimentary beverage of wine or water to keep you hydrated and also relaxed. HECK YES!

So off I go to try on my future new swimsuit...

Tanya and the Nani Nalu team obviously approach this experience with grace and kindness. Some people walk in feeling very insecure, worried and nervous...while others might shop with no care in the world. They have SEEN it all....all heights, bust and hip and booty, all types of curves....so there was nothing to feel self-conscious about - even when I realized I had not shaved my legs or bikini in a couple of days- ooops! 

For the  next hour I tried on 20+ swimsuits, posed and practiced walking, bending, sitting, turning, jumping ...really testing the swimsuit to make sure "the goods" were secure, lifted and comfortable. We had so much fun laughing, agreeing on options, and along the way Tanya and her team chimed in with some great tips and facts about what makes a swimsuit flattering and unflattering for women of certain physique - they even shared their own experiences about their curvy bodies in the Nani Nalu suits. It was like a bunch of girlfriends shopping!

We finally narrowed down the options to my final selection, and they even offered an alteration consultation (which I didn't need since I found a perfect fit, but it was great to have the option for my valuable new piece), and they provided a special order on the exclusive collection & color option I wanted. 

From the first message we exchanged to the last conversation we had as I was on my way with my new piece in hand (super cute gift wrapping & leopard print tissue paper, too)....they blew my expectations and experience out of the park!

Nani Nalu is the real deal and I can only wish for other women to have such a comforting, uplifting and empowering experience.

PLEASE do yourself a favor and visit their website to take a peek & book an appointment: www.naninaluswim.com

Follow on Facebook: @naninalu.beachwear

Anahita Champion