The DREAM Duffel

A Travel Bag that works for pretty much ANY purpose!

I have been so fortunate and lucky to have been introduced to and supported by DREAM DUFFEL as my 2018 gear sponsor for my recent run in the Mrs.Minnesota America pageant.

From dance & sports, to pageants, to modeling, to weekly work travel, corporate to personal use, busy "live out of your car" days, fashion designers & fashion shows, vacations and much more, Dream Duffel is there for you! 

The DREAM DUFFEL helps you keep your valuable wardrobe, garments & accessories organized and safe from damage. With numerous items that can be purchased individually or as a package, there is something for everyone! From the sturdy material, endless pockets, insulating pouches, stool, easy to maneuver handles and bars, pop up changing station, garment bags and best of all the pop-up adjustable built in clothing rack that is - this product is versatile for many consumers!

Dream Duffels - Backpacks - Carry Ons - Garment Bags - Accessory Cases - Hangers - Cosmetic Cases - Make Up Stations - Changing Booth - Folding Stools -  Tutu Bags - and more!

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Dream Duffel is a woman owned, family operated, business that has solved a huge problem for dance parents, dancers, pageant contestants, athletes, fashion designers, models, actors, and even business professionals who often travel from location to location with numerous outfits and apparel. From a multi-functional duffel to numerous accessories & add-ons, Dream Duffel and their AMAZING team want to take care of your needs!

Learn more about Dream Duffel and all of their amazing inventory, by visiting their website ( or following on Facebook& Instagram!

Anahita Champion